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21 Mukhi Rudraksha – What Are the Benefits of Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha

The 21 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Kubera. He is also known as the custodian of godly wealth amongst the lords. The bead is believed to be the rarest. It grants an abundance of wealth and material luxury and also protects from evil or tantric effects. Kubera is Yaksha a Dikpal and the demigod who rules the finances in one’s life. He is blessed by Lord Shiva and was given this responsibility by him with the consent of other trinity gods. The bead is known to bless the wearer with success and prosperity.
It is often seen that people who are flourishing in life in monetary terms are likely to attract people who are jealous and envy their success. Wearing this bead can shield them from any harm caused by such people in any form whether evil spells or any dangerous attempts. The ruling planet of 21 Mukhi Rudraksha is Venus and it protects the person from its negative impact.
Rudraksha is a natural remedy that treats the ill-effect of planets in each one’s life. According to Vedic astrology planets continuously move from one zodiac to another. This movement affects various events in life both negatively and positivity depending on the planets equation with the zodiac it is entering. In the process, some planets turn negative while some turn extremely positive. The negative planets are likely to rattle the lives of individuals and need to be pacified.
As a normal person, you might not be able to monitor such celestial activities. With the help of an astrologer, you can know the effect of planets in your life and also the reason behind the uncalled mishaps. Astroyogi since 2 decades has been helping people resolve such problems to make life stress and problem-free. It helps to prepare you beforehand for any kind of problem and reduce its effectiveness. The panel of astrologers with Astroyogi are experienced and have helped a lot of people make life better.
The 20 Mukhi Rudraksha also helps in protecting family health and wealth. It makes the wearer truthful and honest. It is believed that wearing this bead can even make a poor person rich. Such is the power of the 21 Mukhi rudraksha.


Benefits of wearing 21 Mukhi rudraksha

It enhances self-confidence
It removes all obstacles in life
It assures prosperity and good luck
It grants name, fame and wealth beyond imagination
It blesses with sustainable wealth
It helps to fulfil pleasures and materialistic desires of the wearer
It helps to cure diseases
It helps to reduce stress, depression that restricts a person from growing
It eliminates anxiety
It improves the reproductive organ of the person and removes all difficulties related to it
It enhances the fertility of the person


How to wear 21 Mukhi rudraksha

The rudraksha is powerful beads full of energy. Each bead is associated with a planet and has a purpose. One must not wear it without consulting an expert astrologer. Otherwise, it might affect the wearer negatively. Each person has a unique birth chart which is not similar to the other. Similarly, rudraksha also functions like this. If it suits one does not mean it would suit all. So, reaching out to the best astrologer is a must before wearing it. Also, make sure you buy with your money or else it would not function in your favour.
Day of wearing: It is advised to wear the bead on Monday
What to do before wearing: Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Then sit in the East direction of the temple and wear it after chanting “Om hreem shreem vasudhaye namah” 9 times.
Metal used: You can draw the beads in silk or wool thread and cap it in gold or silver metal.


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