Aghori power hindu mantras mystic occult domination talisman -jaya kushmanda maa
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Aghori power hindu mantras mystic occult domination talisman -jaya kushmanda maa



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Hindu Mantriks Occult Domination Talisman
Unlock Your Fullest Potential
The rarest of the rare in Hindu occult treasures! Contains the powdered relics of 101 powerful Aghori gurus, mantriks and transcendental sorcerers. This is the most potent and guaranteed high magic on the planet. You shall have a trans-dimensional portal to the regions of of power below the Earth planet.
All the extreme energy, powers and abilities manifesting in atala, vitala, sutala, talatala, mahatala, rasatala and patala will your available to you. What does this mean in common terms? You shall be able to:

Generate unending wealth

Radiate the the six opulences of God. Wealth, strength, beauty, fame, knowledge and renunciation

Obtain untold psychic powers and abilities

Curse opponents simply by speaking or thinking

Manifest your desires no matter how fantastic

Succeed in business, finances, love and relationships

Restore health

Dominate in social circles

Control people like robots

Implant your will into the hearts of the masses

Subjugate your enemies

Attain fame and admiration

Command ghosts, rakshas and yakshas

Speak to the dead

The subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) are the topmost echelon in the hierarchy of beings. Their relative spiritual strength is in the range of 100,000 units to infinity. This is compared to the relative strength of a common ghost which is 1.
They are extremely powerful. The power of the highest subtle-sorcerer would be almost comparable to that of unmanifest (nirguṇ) form of God. They are forever working towards their goal of establishing their supremacy, in all the subtle-regions as well as on the Earth region (Bhūlok).
Simply having the 101 Hindu Mantriks Occult Domination Talisman in your possession will give you all the benefits above and more. This is the potency of a true Hindu Aghori magical object. The work is done for you. You simply invest in your destiny and reap the rewards.
Jaya Kushmanda Maa


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