Become Rich Vintage Lakshmi Booti MADE Of Old MYSTERIOUS Magic PAGANISM
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Become Rich Vintage Lakshmi Booti MADE Of Old MYSTERIOUS Magic PAGANISM



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Handmade item
Materials: Shell
Style: Gothic
Made to Order

Our price is differ on our website and here on etsy due to heavy fees paid by us on etsy for promotion and selling fee. So dont ask us for this. however you can check us on With respect to etsy’s clear, and stated policy about metaphysical items I wish to clearly disclose that all of the information I am sharing with you are not statements of any kind of specificity and/or guarantee to cause and effect. I am sharing with you my own professional and personal assessment of, and experiences with this rare offering. All items are being sold strictly as jewelry. All paranormal properties listed are my own professionally trained interpretation.

This is a private auction. Nobody on eBay, or anywhere else will know that you have made this purchase.

Being offered today is a vintage Spell Cast Lakshmi BOOTI, that is a one of a kind OLD creation ~ It contains within it the hidden, invisible power of magic, guaranteed to make you a millionaire, or your money back.

In the daily news, in our lives it is not uncommon for any of us to hear stories of people that are massively wealthy. More so – We see and hear stories, or know folks that are massively wealthy, lose their money due to bankruptcy, failed business ventures, poor investment, yet they seemingly always retain their wealth. They re-build their status, and their bank accounts replenish. How can this be, when so many people struggle day to day? Doesn’t there have to be a higher power at work?

One must wonder if some people are just pre-determined by fate to always be rich.

Can this really be?

The answer is No. Like any other part of our life, from the minute to the large – Wealth, and Happiness through Prosperity are pre-determined.

It’s easiest, I have found, to think of energies like little beams of light. Imagine, if you could, 100’s of thousands of laser pointers pointing in every direction. We can’t see them, but they are there. Each one creates a different dynamic. Now, when you begin to combine them they become more focused, yet more complicated, and the dynamic they jointly create is bigger. What my team and I do is use pieces like this OLD LAKSHMI BOOTI as a bringer of the lights, if you will. It is a beacon that will attract to whomever possesses it the thousands of laser pointer beams needed, in a finite, very specific combination, or “recipe” to unlock wealth, and prosperity.

The aforementioned energies are intricate, delicate energy sources that run through our spirit. They are a deep, brooding state of mind, confidence, and power. It is a central part of the fiber of our beings, our auric field. At least, it is for a choice, lucky few.

The infinite universe that surrounds us all is essentially a massive orb, flowing, filled with electrical energies. Constantly converging, moving, and influencing our every move.

& This endless mass of currents is formed of the energy that makes us all who we are. We are all linked. Each of us is made up of a very small portion of this larger energy field.

Wealth, riches, prosperity – These are all TINY bits of channeling in to a greater power field, a great element of the cosmic universe.

For some people, this tiny portion of energy is something that comes naturally to them. This energy source is a “gift” given at birth to these lucky few. Think Kennedy, Rockefeller, Merovingian, Dell, Gates, Zuckerberg. Names we’ve all heard, and are all too familiar with. Power, wealth, influence.

For the aforementioned tuning in to wealth is as natural as putting one foot in front of the other, awakening in the morning, slumber at night – It just HAPPENS. What would it be like if you were told that this could just HAPPEN for you?

The holder of this one of a kind, Coven created amulet will set in to motion a synergy of the moon and the cosmos.

The amulet is perfectly suitable for a man or woman. It does not need to be worn in order for it to work for you. If you prefer you may wear the medallion around your neck on a chain, or simply keep it in your pocket, wallet, purse, or bag. Any and all instructions, help, guidance will be lovingly provided as needed on an on-going basis.

Once you receive this life changing amulet your energy alignments will change in an instant. You will remain the same person, nothing in your life will change with the one important exception of easy to draw wealth, and abundance.

The serendipitous energy contained within this stunning amulet will, for the bearer of the item, change his or her life and his or her entire auric chamber, and manifest, with regard to both spiritual and financial wealth.

The universe will continue to extrapolate, and expand this change, it will increase by leaps, and bounds daily.

In order for the powers of the amulet to enter your life you do not have to wear it if you choose not to. It’s presence alone is sufficient.

You must do absolutely nothing different upon it’s arrival. You will not need to seek this wealth for it will be seeking you. Millions, if not Billions of Dollars, along with health, spiritual fortune, happiness are all awaiting you..

I know what you’re most likely thinking. Fake. Right? Too good to be true, nonsense, snake oil salesman.. I’ve heard them all! Magick is very real, and has existed around us all since the dawn of time. Once a major part of the day to day lives of many, it has largely been pushed aside. Our society fears what they do not understand, especially in this technologically advanced time that we all live in. We are so confident in our work that it has a non time limit money back guarantee. No loopholes, no fine print. It either works exactly as I describe, or you return it for a 100% refund. I’ll even pay for the return shipment. I have dedicated my whole life to this practice and I want to share the glory or real, authentic magick with the world.

Additionally, a question that I am often asked is something along the lines of: “If it is so powerful, why don’t you keep it for yourself?” – The answer differs from item, to item. With some of these pieces I have already benefitted from their powers in various ways, with others I choose not to. At what level does excess become excessive? My private, personal life is one that is very blessed, and I am very lucky to do what I do each day. Believe it, or not, people do exist in this world that find joy in helping others, not just themselves :o) The simple answer is that I feel immense satisfaction in selling these powerful items to deserving, kind, loving souls that wish to live a more important, happier life.

All items we sell are shipped anywhere in the world via Registered Trackable Post . We’re happy to offer free shipping To USA.

For my International buyers – The cost for shipment is for International package to be sent,.

God bless you.


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