indrakshi mala 1-21 mukhi gouri shankar ganesh trijuti certified in .925 silver
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indrakshi mala 1-21 mukhi gouri shankar ganesh trijuti certified in .925 silver


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Indrakshi Mala

Indrakshi mala beads are famously known as very beneficial mala which is very suitable for people leading any industry or organization . It is said to be the perfect mala if you wish to fulfill all of your desires. It can even protect the owner or wearer from any danger and harm.

Then indrakshi mala is the mala of Gods and is made of the rarest and high quality trijuti and mukhi beads from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi,very rare trijuti rudraksh and ganesh and gauris Shankar Rudraksh .
Indrakshi mala beads are usually capped in gold and are being prepared in the and necklace malas. Based on the Rudraksha Science Therapy, beads strung will guarantee good results. It is said to that there are only a number of people who get a hold of this rare combinations of mala beads in this world.

In the ancient times, a person who possesses this rare combination of mala is said to be more like having the entire cosmos with him. In addition, indrakshi mala can also make a person ichadhari which means any of his wishes is the command of the entire universe. In fact, according to the Katyani tantra the blessing of all the mukhi gods and goddess including Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, MaaDurga, etc. will stay to the wearer. This means that the wearer will obtain all of his desires. On the other hand, this mala also helps on protecting the wearer from any harm and danger. In addition, the wearer of this mala will also get rid of any negativity such as evil and negative forces.

The Gayatri Devi also resides in this mala with all of her forms and is said to balance all of the minor and major body chakras of the wearer. It can also boost the benefits of all the planets to the wearer while dispelling all of the negativities it offers. Indrakshi mala beads are also known as a suitable mala for royalties and is said to be a family treasure. In fact, the price of this mala beads are rapidly increasing year by year due to its rarity. The benefits and powers of this mala will extend across generations. In fact, this mala will bring pleasures, comforts, wealth, or any desires.

This mala provides magnetic field that can help motivate the wearer and the people around him. It is said that indrakshi mala beads is best worn by leaders such as community leaders, government leaders, celebrities, etc. It is because this mala provides power to manifest project and programs that can benefit the community or rather the humanity. Overall, this mala is perfect for those who wish to have an immense abundance in their life.

Indrakshi Mala Beads Benefits

• It protects the wearer from all natural and unnatural disasters, dangers, and any kind of harmful things.
• Dispelling negative and bad forces or energies
• Brings all the benefits of the 9 planets
• Helps all leaders obtain god leadership
• All desires of the wearer will be fulfilled
• Brings all the blessings of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Surya, Goddess Durga, and other deities.


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