Wild Sexx Woman Attraction Kamadeva Amulet Hindu Charm Talisman
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Wild Sexx Woman Attraction Kamadeva Amulet Hindu Charm Talisman



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Warning-Dont purchase cheap amulets sold in the internet they are not authentic and just replica….

This Amulet is so intense and fiery…sooo wild that the Amulet creates wild recurrence of the incidence again and again…

Do use it with your conscience…Real and Authentic amulet……

This Amulet will blow you off with its rocking throbbing powers sending the hot vibrations all over your body to the womans around you….within the use of the next 48 hours of its use..This contains spiritual vibes of lord kama..so be careful….With it..You shall experience High Sexuall drive and extremely horny at times….We have only couples of these amulets…This amulet is for those mens who always wanted to have fun and play with womans…who would try to catch and pick them at ease….You will be happy that you have purchased this amulet now…to make yur dream come true…This is also for the womans who always loved some one at their heart but had been disappointed by their lovers…now this amulet can make them love you….caress you..have fun with you…anything…But a bit of warning for the skeptics…Please dont purchase this…as their believe system can shut the roads of their love doors..For those who knows what is an amulet can go ahead with their purchase…

We are decade old power selller bringing the old rare real authentic amulets…..with high request…..

This is a rare Hindu amulet containing inside herbal and tantric ingredients known to attract sexX and love making, make one alluring to others and keep a lover strong.

This is our most powerful and requested love sexX drawing amulet. Much more effective and powerful than even Love Yantras!
This was first used to infatuate womans and young girls and more popularly used in tantric practise.

This is the first time we are bringing you the top secret Love SexX drawing Hindu amulet.

This contains Two Vaginal Symbolic sacred beads of Lord Kamadeva strung twice with the energy directed to and fro among each other. The amulet also contains old beads from Lord Kamadeva’s garland. The only known murti of Kamadeva is in UP India.After tantric puja and offering tributes to lord kama this amulet had been created activated and energized by siddha mantras with upanshu japaas for 15 days.


Carry on your person daily or place on your altar.

Daily touch the amulet for additional power:

Chant the beeja mantras- om kamadevaye amuk me amukh sam sambhogaye vasham kuru kuru phat om for 108 times when you want to use the amulet

please replace the words “amuk” with the womans name and the “amukh” with your name
International shpping will take 2-4 weeks of time for delivery to your location. Please use it as “curio” only


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