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The Venus Key of Solomon Magic Seals

The Seals of Solomon are from the Key of Solomon, also called the Clavicula Salomonis. In the Key of Solomon each pentacle has certain angels, demons or spirits, each of which governs a specific planet. In turn, each planet has specific correspondences that must be adhered to.



~The Five Pentacles Consecrated To Venus~

“Here follow the holy pentacles, expressed in their proper figures and characters, together with their especial virtues; for the use of the master of art.”

~The Greater Key of Solomon Part II.

These are very powerful energetic tools to use in conjunction with your spells. The easy way to use these seals, is to write your desire on the back of the seal and place it under the candle, if doing candle work, or after you finish your spell you release it into a flame. You can buy the seals, or draw them in red ink.

Seal Of Solomon Pentacles Set



Planetary Color: Green

The First Pentacle of Venus

Inscription: Mystical characters of Venus
Hebrew Words/Letters: N/A
Angelic Names: Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah) and Nangariel.
Magical Employment:
~Used to control the spirits associated with the planet Venus.
~Used to control or to work with the Angels named within the Pentacle.


The Second Pentacle of Venus

Inscription: 6:-“Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is strong as death.” ~Canticles viii 6; Names of various spirits associated with Venus.
Hebrew Words/Letters: N/A
Angelic Names: N/A
Magical Employment:
~(Along with all Venusian Pentacles) Used for obtaining grace and honor.
~Used to work with those things governed by the planet Venus.

The Third Pentacle of Venus

Inscription: “And the Elohim blessed them, and the Elohim said unto them, ‘Be ye fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.’” ~Genesis i 28
Hebrew Words/Letters: IHVH (Tetragrammaton)
Angelic Names: Adonai, Ruach, Achides, Aegalmiel, Monachiel and Degaliel.
Magical Employment:
~Used to attract the lover of one’s choice by merely showing it to him/her.

The Fourth Pentacle of Venus

Inscription: “This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh.” ~Genesis ii 23, 24
Hebrew Words/Letters: IHVH (Tetragrammaton)
Angelic Names: Names of various angels and spirits associated with the planet Venus
Magical Employment:
~Used to control spirits associated with the planet Venus.
~Used to magically summon to the asker any person one wishes to see.

The Fifth Pentacle of Venus

Inscription: “My heart is like wax, it is melted in the midst of my bowels.” ~Psalm xxii 14
Hebrew Words/Letters: Characters written in The Passing of the River (see Angelic Names below)
Angelic Names: Illegible all but El Gebil and Elohim
Magical Employment:
~Used to incite love and attraction in another person upon showing it to him/her.

How to Activate & Use the Seals

These are the day of the week, the hour of the day, and the color in which to make the seal. Doing these things will ensure the most powerful of seals.

To properly make your Pentacles they must be made on the appropriate day, at one of the appropriate hours, be of the correct color and the appropriate metal.

Pentacle:Day of the Week:Color:Metal:
MercuryWednesdayMixed ColorsMercury (POISON)

TIMING – The hours of the day that the Pentacles should be made are 6 am, 1 pm, or 8 pm.

CLEANSING – Before the consecration ritual you’ll need to take a cleansing ritual shower or bath.


Using the appropriate colored pen, draw 2 large circles on a piece of paper, one inside the other. Between the two circles write the names of God that correspond to your wish:

  • Elohim Gibor – to punish evil
  • Elohim Tzabaoth – to ask for mercy
  • El Shaddai – to ask for blessings

Place the Pentacle(s) inside the double circle you’ve chosen, then facing East, hold your Pentacle Seal (still inside the double circle) in the smoke of frankincense and/or myrrh incense to purify the seal.

While doing this read the following Psalms in this order: 8, 18, 26, 21, 31, 50, 28, 71, 53, 133.**** To complete the ritual recite “The Oration” found in Chapter 8 of the Key of Solomon to consecrate the seal.


O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the Beginning and the End; thou who hast established all things in thy Wisdom; thou who has chosen Abraham thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; thou who hast appeared unto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; thou who gavest the Law to him upon Mount Sinai; thou who hast granted unto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore and supplicate thy Holy Majesty, that these pentacles may be consecrated by thy power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and principality, remaineth and endureth without end.


You need to also learn the scripture associated with your Pentacle and recite it each time you use it.


1st Pentacle of VenusAngels: Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah), Nangariel
2nd Pentacle of VenusCanticles 8:6
3rd Pentacle of VenusGenesis 1:28
4th Pentacle of VenusGenesis 2:23-24
5th Pentacle of VenusPsalm 22:14

Once consecrated, hold the Pentacle in your left hand and recite the scripture to activate the Seal. You will do this last action each time you want to use it.

USES: keep it on your altar, carry it with you, keep it in your vehicle, give it to the person you made it for if it wasn’t made for yourself. The most powerful manner of use is to keep it with you at all times, even at night placing it on your nightstand next to you or under your pillow or mattress. But if it is easiest to just keep on your altar or other designated sacred space, then that will work perfectly as well.

Continued Ideas

  • The Pentacles should be anointed and prayed over weekly, according to each of their days, and if not on their days, at least once a week.


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